Who's "The Best of 2009"?

I'm working on my nominees for the 2009 ghettoManga Awards, and want to know who YOU think is the best of the year! here's some qualifications guidelines...

  • current work gets 'em in. in some cases, the catalog will help tip the scales.
  • you can give multiple nominees, but please rank them for me, so i can tell who you like most.
  • remember, material with 2009 released dates automatically qualify, but material released in late 2008, still buzzing in 09 is still eligible.
  • YOUR opinion, don't try to pick the Oscar/Grammy/Eisner winner. you can argue after the fact.
  • after nominees are named, polls will be posted that encourage voting.
  • relevance to hip hop culture (for movies, comics, etc) is nice, but not totally necessary.
peep the categories and the rules below and reply in comments, or send your list to 2009awards@ghettoManga.com

Best Comicbook Award
comics in any genre or format. must have at least three issues in print (for monthlies)

Best Webcomic 
Comics on the web, not previously published in print. Must have at least 3 episodes published in 2009. 

TPB of the Year
(Trade Paper Back) collections of previously published material (from print ot web), at least 60 pages long.
OGN of the Year
(Original Graphic Novel) original comics (or manga) of any genre or format,
ongoing series or one-shot, at least 60 pages long.
Emcee of the Year
this is a spitting award. these nominees may be male or female, totally unknown or almost famous, part of a group, or solo... but they gotta have the gift. forward mp3's youTube Videos, or website links to
Rapper of the Year

all these people have 1) a record deal on a major label, or 2) heavy, heavy rotation. they are in major stores nationwide (selling records is a whole 'nother matter...).
even if you didn't BUY their record, strong showings on guest shots, video shows, ring tones, youTube, etc can get the knod. make a case by sending links to youTube joints, email me a mp3 or transcribe his/her illest 16
Vocalist of the Year
singers, or singer-songwriter in any genre. dope pipes and lyrics. major label or indie, but must have a record available for purchase in 2009.
HipHop/Rap Group of the Year
major or unkown groups are eligible. please send mp3s or youTube links or something. if you assume i know who you're talkin' about... well, you know...
Artist/Illustrator of the Year
relevant visual artists working for pay, whether for self, agencies, for major figures or on the side. these are cats getting their art grind on!
Cartoonist of the Year
sequential artists who wreck shop. writer-artists get preference in this category. pencillers and inkers should be in the artist/illustrator category. who they work for is less important than what they create.
Video of the Year
dope music video. creativity, camera direction, costumes... and a good song doesn't hurt either!
Album of the Year
the best damn hip hop record, period.

Television Show of the Year
Animated or live action. Comedy or Drama. I don't watch a lotta tv, so help out!
Athlete of the Year
this one is pretty self-explanitory. who showed out in 2009? (in a good way, so nominating Tiger won't fly this year...)
Movie of the Year
comics adaptations and animation win this category a lot, but action movies, sci-fi and martial arts are all fair game. make a case for your nominee and i'll consider it...
Champion of Children Award
this award goes to the best product (comics, cartoon, music, whatever) made for (or maybe BY) the shorties.
Man/Woman of the Year
who had an impact, not just in his/her area of expertise, but across the board. nominate any artist, musician, actor or other public figure you want. (past nominees include Mos Def, Jay Z, Bono, KRS ONE, and President Obama)

remember, reply in comments or send your list to

p.s. check out last year's winners here!

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