peep this Nigerian action comic -----> Aisha

I can't tell you how many times people ask me about comics from Africa, and I just don't have anything to tell them. From what I can tell, there isn't a single major publisher on the whole continent (please correct me if I'm wrong), but there are promising Indy publishers. one example is Nigerian company Pandora, maker of Aisha, the story of a street orphan turned black ops/ninja crime-fighter battling powerful but mysterious criminal forces on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. in the first issue, Aisha is sent after a rogue government agent when things go sideways on her. You can peep a five page preview, and order the book on Indyplanet. based on their Facebook page, Pandora has other books that I'd like to get a look at too (like the sports comic Street Soccer). I'll keep you posted on whatever I find!


B_Steelo said...


wallruss said...

Another great find. I'll have to share it with my readers. Thanks!

B_Steelo said...

wait that's not Avitarish

Corance said...

I peeped th preview. It looks very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Aisha is a famous Nigerian comic. The story is a really interesting and mysterious story. All comic lovers must read this.

Samax said...

That's what's up! We have become aware of tons of good African comics since I wrote this. What other Nigerian comics do you recommend?

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