new BLOOD SYNDICATE pin up by Ross Campbell

America Eats Its Young by Ross Campbell. 
what's good, party people! here's a new Blood Syndicate pin up by ghettoManga Award-winning cartoonist Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, Water Baby, Mountain Girl, Shadow Eyes). Ross drew this for Milestone Forever, the book I told y'all about that will integrate the Milestone characters into the mainstream DCU. Ross is one of those guys I believe is on the brink. I thought DC's Minx Imprint was perfect for his girl-centric stories, but he only got to do one OGN (Water Baby) for them before they folded. I figure he will land a Vertigo book in 2010 easy, but I would definitely love to see him drawing a book like Blood Syndicate too...


ross said...

thanks for the plug, man!!!! :D glad you like the piece.

samax said...

no problem. I will not feel right about comics until you're a household name! lol!

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