"Snake Eyes Never Gives Up"

I never caught this GI JOE: SNAKE EYES series, which was co-written by Ray Park (who played Snake Eyes in the movie) and Kevin Van Hook, with art by Lee Ferguson. I didn't see the GI JOE movie, but i like the idea of taking something from the movie and expanding on it for comics, if that's what this is. Click the pic for a 6 page preview of Issue #3. here's the sales pitch:
The murderer attempts to complete some unfinished business... namely, killing the old man who may know his identity. Could he be walking into SNAKE EYES’ trap? The battle continues on the streets and rooftops of Japan.
looks cool to me... wish they would'a got that dude Mike Hawthorne to draw this, after the work he did on GI JOE: ORIGINS (as well as his solo work, I think he would'a smashed on this... anyways, peep this joint, and look for it in stores on wednesday the 9th.


Mr. Hawthorne said...

As usual, thanks for the love man. I will admit, I'd like to do a Snake Eyes stand alone story. But Lee is hungry, and does a good job here. I expect this to be pretty fun shit.


samax said...

yeah, it looks dope. I love what IDW is doing with the GI JOE franchise, especially with the movie's success.

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