Tiger Style!

Inca Tiger by galgard
i apologize to everyone who clicked the link expecting some kind of Tiger Woods sex joke. sorry, i moved on! anyways, I just wanted to post this illustration by Japanese artist galgard because i thought it was exceedingly dope! you can return to whatever it is you were doing...


Anonymous said...

Followed your link on Twitter because when I hear, "Tiger style," I think, "Wu Tang Clan ain't nuthin' ta fuck with."

(Which proves I'm old as hell.)

Really, really like this. Colors are strong, good detail (esp. on the weapon and clothing), and the background reminds me why I miss Samurai Jack.

samax said...

the Wu-Tang reference is what i was going for, so I'm right there with you (no skinny jeans in my closet either).

I became an instant fan of this dude when I saw his work. He has a bunch of prints for sale on DeviantArt, and I can definitely see myself buying one.

I'm also a big nerd for Samurai Jack, and this joint reminded me of SJ as well. The piece really has liveliness and movement to it despite the flatness of it.

RodBuddah said...

Ah! Continued inspiration!

Great find, Samax!

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