All six episodes of "Who Is The Black Panther" are on YouTube (for NOW anyways)

this player has episodes 1-6 of Black Panther for your viewing convenience (until the Marvel/Disney one-time pulls 'em down, of course). much thanks to my dude Marcus for keeping an eagle eye on the internet, and letting us know when this was ready! Yeah, the animation is not up to the level of the story, but this mess sure is fun to watch! It's following the Hudlin's Who is the Black Panther storyline pretty closely... good stuff! If you've seen the early ones already, feel free to skip to episode 5... after all, who knows how long it will be on there!


Goldi gold said...

man, i gotta make time to watch that joint

big Shane said...

Looks like the Internet Police took it down...

I watched it last night, though. I wanna hate on the animation, but that story is too dope! Panther will get in your ass!

Vee (Scratch) said...

Exactly what I was thinking Big Shane, you forget to look at the program with a professional-filter and simply enjoy the story. It's pretty decent. I know if I was much younger 7 - 12 years old, I would probably think Black Panther animated series is really good.

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