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happy Sonday, fammo! here's Street Credibility, the first song I ever heard by Manchild and Dust, known collectively as Mars ILL. This was on Full Plates, a mixtape by DJ Maj that came out back in 2000 (maybe 2001). Full Plates was a decent mixtape, with several nice Christian rap acts on it, but Mars ILL blew my mind! people that know me can confirm for you that I believe the deejay is the backbone of hip hop, and that a good deejay should put you on to all the stuff you don't have time to find for yourself. Maj gets HUGE props for introducing me to my favorite emcee-deejay duo, the mighty Mars ILL.
in case you didn't know, Mars ILL is also an integral part of the supergroup DeepSpace 5. peep the new DS5 joint here...
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