Dope Ross Campbell BLOOD SYNDICATE piece on eBay!

America Eats Its Young by Ross Campbell...
This Blood Syndicate piece by ghettoManga Award-winning cartoonist Ross Campbell is up for auction on eBay! It's a pin-up of the Milestone team Blood Syndicate that Ross did for DC Comics and which was featured in Milestone Forever #1!!! it's done in sumi ink, markers, and ink wash on regular bristol paper, and is about 12.5 x 8 inches in size. the colors in the image shown here and in the comic itself are slightly darker than they are on the original, due to printing and scanning processes. Right now, it's at just $21.51, and there's only 2 DAYS LEFT to bid! You could come up on a sweet piece of art if you act asap! To bid on this piece, click here!
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Sophie said...

aww, thanks so much for the plug, man!!!! very much appreciated. the piece ended up going for only $50 which isn't bad, i suppose, but you know. what can you do! it's all good, though. thanks again!!! :)

Samax said...

no problem! I hope it helped a little...
hopefully I can be of more help next time!

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