another Hardware joint

whaddup! Here's another drawing of Hardware. I did this one as a warm up while I was getting ready for a session of drawing in Photoshop. It's not as detailed as the other one I drew a couple months ago, because I set a time limit of one hour to work on it. I will probably go back and put more doodads and gadgets in it later (Hardware is ALL about doodads and gadgets!), but I'm pretty pleased with it as is.
hope y'all like it!
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Arkonbey said...

The dynamism in this is really nice. The motion and anatomy are exaggerated,but really work to make it pop.

The face is interesting, too. Have you done a stand-alone portrait or turn-around for Hardware?

I really like his left leg and how you allow the highlights to define the leg against the negative space of the background (you also do this on the head to nice effect). I would have liked to have seen you do this on the other three limbs.

and aren't chains a bitch to draw?

Samax said...

thanks for your comments!

I will probably rework this one later, and will definitely tweak the other limbs as you suggested. I set a time limit to finish, but i was able to get it to what i thought was a decent stopping point. Drawing chains is a pain, but the payoff is worth it!

yeah, i did my first drawing of this character in late November:

I had never drawn Hardware before, and really enjoyed it! I love the hodge-podge of gadgets and doodads he packs, and the fact that he combines long-range attacks (missiles, guns, etc) with up close and personal skullduggery.

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