FREE Preview: Usagi Yojimbo #126

Your man Stan Sakai drops a fresh one-issue story to rope in newbies to the ongoing adventures of the roving rabbit samurai Usagi Yojimbo.  Here's the Sales Pitch:
The rabbit ronin faces a terrifying creature from Japanese mythology in this creepy, self-contained story! Nukekubi are supernatural monsters that take the form of normal humans during the day, but at night can detach their heads to attack their unsuspecting prey. Invited to take refuge in an isolated mountain hut, Usagi doesn't notice anything suspicious about the house until he is awakened late at night by strange noises and a feeling of danger. Immediately, he sees the screaming head of his host -- with sharpened cannibal teeth -- flying down from the rafters! A self-contained tale of supernatural horror!
click here for a preview of Usagi Yojimbo #126, courtesy of the fine folks at CBR. for more Usagi Yojimbo, click here.
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Anonymous said...

Usagi = wonderful.

Samax said...

indeed. I'm fairly new to Usagi. An awesome book and character!

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