Check the flow my little Chickadee...

^Baknaffek by Das Efx, off their second album Straight Up Sewaside. I still think Sewaside is their strongest album, even though they are largely considered one-hit wonders, never achieving the popular success of their debut album Dead Serious, with its flashy lead single, the instant classic They Want Efx. On their second record, Books and Drayzie attempt to answer critics who called their stuttering style a gimmick by abandoning it for Sewaside (as addressed in this song's first verse).  The duo's rhymes are easter-egged with pop-culture references and nifty wordplay that usedta make raps worth rewinding. When poured over beats by the sorely under appreciated Solid Scheme (the crew that did Das' beats), you get classic Jersey hip hop music that real heads remember fondly... 

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