BluRay VHS combo MAAAD cheap!

I know i'm not the only person who doesn't have a blu-ray player... and even though i hate on them joints, I know i ain't the only one who secretly WANTS one! Anyways, you can cop this Panasonic combo Blu-Ray/VHS joint (yeah... it plays DVDs too) for just $139.99 on Amazon (retail's $400. that's 65% off, so you don't blow a fuse doin' the math) on the ONE DAY (monday only) SALE. if you got the bread, CLICK HERE to cop that joint! 
if you need suggestions on movies to buy, hit my movie review blog, or just holler at me!
a'ight... I'm goin'a bed now (i draw while you snooze), but just for a quick shut-eye. I'll be back later!
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