Hey Kids, I drew a COMICBOOK page!

whattup... it took me a minute, but here's page 2 of Herman Heed, the kids' comic I'm working on for my favorite client. Before you ask: yes, the chick in panel 2 is rocking  a De la Soul tee. She's listening to Tribe on her iPod too, in case you're wondering. Did I mention this script is DOPE!?!  Well, it is...  Anyways, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed drawing it! in case you missed page one, click here
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Brandon g said...

She's Native Tongues themed.
Nice page. the backgrounds are rad with all details like the toy airplane and bus stop design.

Arkonbey said...

That's a lot of work for three panels, man! Too much to critique, so: nice work.

Are all the items around his room mementos of past cases ala' Batman?

And, I trust that is real maple syrup he's eating on those flapjacks.

Samax said...

@Brandon- yup. She got brothers in the jungle, and cousins on a quest... I decided I'm pulling out all the stops on this joint. The comics I'm reading now (*cough*kingcity*cough*) have lots of background activity and that's part of the appeal, so i figured i'd get my minutia on this time around...

@Arkonbey- thanks. The items are, in fact, mementos of past cases.
and real maple syrup all day!

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