Work In Progress...

what's good? chances are when you read this, I am bent over my drawing table working on pages for this new book Herman Heed, or some other project for one of my clients. If you ARE one of my clients, don't sweat it... I can work for you and blog frequently at the same time. I don't get out much, and my keyboard game is bonkers!
anyways, just wanted to shoot you guys a peek at this before i descend back into the drawing dungeon... for more stuff like this, make sure to hit my personal art blog Ziontific, just in case I forget to post my art over here.
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Goldi gold said...

dope visuals. Diggin the perspective and colors

Samax said...

thanks, Goldi!

Arkonbey said...

Now, that is a solid space, man.

what I dig, though, is the thought that maybe you're keeping what's outside the window sketchy. That really appeals to me for some reason. Perhaps the vectored solidity contrasting against the airy sketchiness.

Also, I'm choosing to believe that is a globe of Neptune on the desk.

B_Steelo said...

That's pretty fresh man. I dig the depth and perspective. I also dig him in the cut

Samax said...

@arkonbey- thanks! i actually just wasn't finished with the area outside the window yet. but i thought it would be cool to show it to you with that part revealed...

and Neptune will eventually be the earth when i get around to it. You are a lot like me, in that you like to fill in details and possibilities on your own!

that's a big part of why i like cartoonists who use an open or cartoony style (like paul grist, or even Mike Mignola, for example). the trick is to use enough detail to make sure the viewer sees what you want them to see, and to leave enough space to allow them to "fill in" and see what they want to see!

not that I think i know how to do it, but it's one of the things i like!

@steelo- thanks! as much as i hate effing with perspective, it really helps a piece work. gives it credibility, even with viewers who aren't sophisticated enough to be conscious of it...

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