Weekly Character Design #3

Tried something a little different for the Weekly Character Design.
this joint was heavily inspired by the Erykah Badu song  Jump Up in the Air (and Stay There)
The character is called Amazing Grace, and she is a pre-civil war slave who spontaneously transported herself through time, gaining access to cosmic powers that she uses to fight against modern day slavery and injustice.
to peep the WCD process for this joint, click here.
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Arkonbey said...

Nice. The flat shadows make her seem unreal and the 'Cloak'-esque hair is sweet.

Story in my head based on the details from the piece:

She's actually a bit of a tormented soul. Because of her past, she is deeply, one might say fanatically driven to fight injustice and free the oppressed. However, the powers that allow her to do so separate her from the rest of humanity.

Not just on a philosophical level, but on a physical level as well; she exists only tenuously on our reality/dimension. She can only be a hero, nevermore a woman.

Does she have a real story yet?

John Aston said...

Love it.

Any plans for another book of drawings/sketches?

Samax said...

@Arkonbey- you're right on the vibe I was thinking of. Like the Silver Surfer without the space opera.
I haven't done any stories with her yet, but I may do a short story soon, if I can find the time...

@John- yep. another volume of "Spontaneous" is on perpetual back-burner position. I have a huge folder on my desktop waiting to be congregated into a book... I want to complete a few more pages of the freestyle comic, then it will be ready! stay tuned...

Corance said...

Not only a great visual, but a great story to go with it. The style you used is quite unique as well. Is that how you saw it before you drew it, or did it change as you worked on it?

Samax said...

thanks, Corance. I was making it up as I went along, but the feel is definitely what I planned from the beginning.

Eugenio Herrera said...

Yep! really Amazing, i love this Grace!

Samax said...

thanks, Eugenio!

Sophie said...

she is AWESOME. love the colors, and as usual love the way you did the hair. you totally have to do a story or something with her!

Samax said...

thanks, Ross!
you will notice her belly button is in the right place (thanks to your comments on the alien chick i drew!).
thanks for stopping by!

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