More Fun With Ninjas

Can YOU name ALL the Ninjas?
comicbook artist, illustrator and confirmed ninja lover Jim Rugg (Street Angel, Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes) was commissioned by a magazine (that will remain nameless, but it wasn't ghettoManga Quarterly...) to draw this exhaustive ode to ninjas, and the silly bastiches didn't even USE it! well, we are happy to give this piece its proper shine here (and Jim, the invitation to do something for ghettoManga remains open!). for more of my posts about Jim Rugg's work, click here. Or click Here to buy his books on



Arkonbey said...

Lee Van Cleef! Woo!

And the Kawasaki just totally makes it.

verification word: Member. It's always weird when it's a real word...

Arkonbey said...

just came back to look at this pic again because I thought I missed something and am now disappointed that there is no ninja hedge.

Samax said...

you win, just for referencing the tick! lol!

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