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I bought the album Spirit in Stone by this group The Lifesavas based on their appearance on Blackalicious' album Blazing Arrow. I recognized the name, and when i saw that J-Live was on this track, I figured it would be a quality record. In this case, I was right! This album has varied, well-constructed music, supplied by double-threat Jumbo the Garbageman and DJ Shines. When combined with emcee extraordinaire Vursatyl, this crew is bananas.
hope you enjoy it!
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Anonymous said...

You know 'Spirit in Stone' came out in 2003, right...? Its just weird to see you go gaga over an album that's been around for over 7 years. Not to take away from Lifesavas or their album, as both are still good to this day. (Oh and the group dropped another album in 2007.) For future purposes, when reviewing antiquated albums, you may wish to preface your postings by saying something like: "I don't know how I slept on this, but..." or "I know most of you in the know are gonna think I'm retarded for stating what was obvious x number of years ago, but...".

Fuck, I'm a dick- sorry about this hater comment. I truly like the blog :)

Samax said...

yeah, i have the album. it says what year it came out right on it. I've been nagging people about this record for a while now, but I don't think I ever blogged about it. I can't remember what year i bought this (I THINK it was new when I bought it, but I buy a lotta used ceedees), so I didn't mention the year.

I actually listened to a couple tracks off gutterfly, but since i haven't heard the whole thing, I didn't review it.

I review old records all the time. many of my readers don't listen to enough hip hop, and appreciate being turned on to great stuff they missed.

thanks for reading! please leave comments when I write a great post too, not just when you think i fucked up.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I will. Sorry about the tone and wording of that comment. It was completely inappropriate and unwarranted. Some personal shit was coloring my thoughts yesterday and your post caught the brunt of some of that negativeness. Keep it up. I do, as I said yesterday, appreciate your work on here. Peace.

Samax said...

consider it forgotten. As internet flame goes, it was pretty mild!


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