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"Now I might be buggin', but it seem to me that cartoon's be realer than reality teevee. They inspired my decision to be open and listen, but folks got it all twisted like a yoga position..."
- Talib Kweli (off that joint Old School )

My work has had me riding all over the DFW metro area this weekend, and to help me deal with the traffic, I've been bumping The Mouse and the Mask, the Adult Swim-inspired collabo album between Dangermouse and the mighty MF DOOM. While many DOOM enthusiasts found the record too commercial (as commercial as DOOM gets anyways), and a let-down from Madvillainy, I was not one of them.

In fact, the slick free-wheeling flashback joint Bada Bing is probably the song that pushed me over the edge into being a full-fledged MF DOOM fan, after only dabbling in youTube videos and loose mp3s for years. I also found the constant references to Adult Swim characters and episodes hilarious. The series of voice mails left by Master Shake of Aqua Teen Hunger Force are comedy gold!

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