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Herman Heed pg 14 by Samax Amen.
Here's the new Herman Heed page. We're getting a peek into the private quarters of Herman's rival, Cullen Caine... I can honestly say that I was having a terrible day when I started working on this, but drawing that chihuahua made everything better.

in fact, I'm pretty sure there are mystical healing powers in drawing chihuahuas. Next time you're having a bad day, drawing a chihuahua WILL make it better! okay, I have not tested that scientifically, but it's probably true...
anyways, hope you enjoy the page!
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Art Love said...

This may be your best work. Each page you've been posting has real life to it. Keep it up.

Samax said...

IT'S the CHIHUAHUA!!! :crazed:

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