Herman Heed is now 75% complete!

Herman Heed pg 18. by Samax Amen.
"Has Herman's rival Cullen Caine beat him to Steve the Sasquatch? Does Cullen's chihuahua want beef with a Bigfoot? Will Cullen REALLY be able to buy everything his heart desires for $500?

Stay tuned, as all these questions (or, maybe none of them) will be answered in the next exciting page of Herman Heed: The Case of the Mysterious Missing Bigfoot!
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Art Love said...

Herman Heed is great work. I know I've said it a bunch, but as someone who knows your body of work pretty well, this threatens to be the best thing you ever put on paper.

(er...I know it's digital but you get the point)

Samax said...

thanks! keep saying it all you want... praise never gets old! Hopefully I can keep my career and my work on an upward arc!

B_Steelo said...

I really dig this man. I like watching the progress of the skill set grow. And I like that it's in a constant structure.


Samax said...

Thanks, Steelo. I have always felt that (at least for me) the only way to get better at comics is by making them. This gig has put me in the enviable position of being able to learn and get paid at the same time.

I've tried to take the opportunity to be studious about the craft and work ethic and what-not.

Always looking to get to that next level, but I'm very thankful for where I am now.

Arkonbey said...

The blowing snow overlays are really a nice touch as is the tv-snow silhouette of the skier.

Also: Man, that Chow is always looking nervous and unsure. What's up with him anyway.

Samax said...

lol! that's his "this is NOT what I signed up for" face!

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