Start the Day off RIGHT!

yeah, so lately whenever I get together with my man Corance and we start talking about dope rhymers (which we always are), Elzhi's name keeps popping up. Yeah, Elzhi from the Detroit crew Slum Village, that Elzhi...

dude is bonkers on the mic. I don't even have TIME to get into it, dude... I'll try and get you some free music later on for the weekend, but until then, enjoy the youTube heat and have a great day... [UPDATE: props to 8thlight for the DL... COP THAT-->]


8thlight said...

DUDE! You didn't know about Elzhi? Where have you been? He's filthy! If you want Elzhi, I got you:

Samax said...

sigh... it's true... i don't catch everything. but actually I was familiar with Elzhi, but he got on that rhymin' growth hormone... most rappers let their isht slide, but Elzhi has been getting better and better.

You will never hear me complain about the state of hip hop, because there are always crazy rappers out there. way more than I can keep up with! so much music (and free music at that) that I can't even download it all!

sometimes the dope cats get lost in the noise. I just like reminding myself and others just how much fire there is out there!

Robert Trujillo said...

...............mmmkay, he flow-erz!

Samax said...


much props to 8th for the link! I been bumping that tape all weekend!

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