Deviant of the Day # 105 Knows Her Tacos!

Taco Magic by Basalt

Previously On Lost by Basalt
okay, so I don't know a lot about Basalt, except that she is awesome. If you need to know more than that to enjoy these comics, you're nosey, and I can't f*ck with you anymore...
Astoria Park by Basalt
Workout Fail by Basalt
Birthday Dragon by Basalt.
like i said... Awesome. peep more of her drawings and comics on her DeviantArt Gallery!


Arkonbey said...

She is awesome. I seem to have a deviantart bias, though. Whenever I see someone that good on DA, I think: Man, that person should get their own URL. I'm not sure why.

All I know is that I opened a DA account three years ago and have put nothing on it...

Samax said...

my feelings about Deviant Art are very, very mixed. I'll just leave it at that...

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