Free PREVIEW: ShadowEyes by Ross Campbell!!!

ghettoManga Award Winning cartoonist Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, The Abandoned, Water Baby) has a new 200+ page OGN ready to drop this summer called ShadowEyes Vol One that has me all excited! I'm a big fan of Ross's work, so I preordered it sight unseen, but after some poking around, I found the first ten pages on Robot 6 and posted them below...

aaaand CUT! yeah, if you didn't already know Ross can draw the heck out of the ladies, while giving each one her own body type and style, there's a small sample!  While I imagine this book will have some action and violence, one of the things I always enjoy about Ross's books is the quiet moments. Characters' interactions always feel very real and natural in a Ross Campbell book, and as you can see, this one will be no different. It will be interesting to see the superhero/monster elements combined with his gift for girly banter. I know from reading his super-rare Mountain Girl minicomics that he can do bloody combat scenes, but this will be the first time those lines REALLY crossed!
This story takes place in a futuristic dystopian city-state that is so crowded with stuff, it makes me claustrophobic just looking at it! I just watched the Luc Besson movie The Fifth Element on cable today (again), and this city kinda reminds me of that. Campbell has said that the city in Shadoweyes is surrounded by a barren wasteland, so maybe it's post apocalyptic. anyways, rather than suffer through anymore of my rambling, you can read the interview Ross did with Robot 6. And again, you can click here to pre-order that joint on! If you would LIKE to read more of my rambling about Ross's work (thanks) just click here.

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Antwain Marcy said...

Always the hotness thank you.

Samax said...

no problem, fammo! it's only right that i share what I know...

Arkonbey said...

That looks pretty cool. It's on my Heavy Ink wishlist.

That Shadoweyes has some big 'ol calves.

Samax said...

I can't wait!

Sophie said...

thanks for the plugs, man!!!! always appreciated. :) i hope the book doesn't disappoint!

Samax said...

no problem Ross! these preview pages look insane! looking forward to reading this!

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