420 All Day...

happy April 20th to all the smokers out there. My homeboy Josh Boulet has pretty much made it so that I can't think about the big 4-2-0 without thinking about his hilarious  stoner comic, The Green Reefer.
He's got tons of comics you can read for free on the web, plus tons of cool merch like cigrette lighters, comics and this fresh Dune parody poster below! For Obvious reasons, you may not wanna go peep it while you're at work (lest ye invite a "random" drug test), but please do yourself a solid and check out the adventures of the high and mighty once you re-enter the free world.


Arkonbey said...

Heh. I live near the University of Vermont, where every day is 4/20!

verification word is Nerysla: female sci-fi/fantasy character name #22

Samax said...

those verification words are sometimes more entertaining than the blog posts...

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