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Herman Heed, pg 13 by Samax Amen
Hey there! while America was busy telling lies to children, I was drawing lucky page 13 of Herman Heed! but seriously, I hope you had a good time with friends and family! If you missed any of the previous pages, just click here to catch up on the race to find Steve, the Sasquatch! Although, it looks like Cullen may have had a near miss, there!
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Arkonbey said...

I dig the look on the nemesis' face in panel one. The second panel has the idea bulb in a balloon; I think the idea bulb needed a balloon in the Herman Bearsuit panel group.

Also, I think I'm going to take the title for this post, make it into a sign and put it on my studio wall...

Samax said...

yep, I put Herman's idea bulb in a balloon in the lettered version of that page too.

I actually say 'don't make excuses, make comics' to myself all the time! words to live by...

It'd be awesome for a studio poster!

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