Start the day off RIGHT ------>

here's a nice posse cut to get the day off the ground. It's Boog Brown, Aarophat, and Small Eyez with Midwest Kids, off Boog's stellar showing, Grind Season, Volume 1.

If you feel it, go ahead and listen to/download the whole joint here.
(to get more Boog Brown in your life click here)
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BONUS! The Essence off her '09 mixtape Miss Black America (which, sadly, i don't have *sigh*)


RodBuddah said...

Phonte said it himself: "If you're not listening to good music, it's your own f**kin' fault"

I agree. Your Start the day right section keeps me in tune. Just shoutin' out the appreciation, Samax. I'm feeling this!

Samax said...

great quote.

It pretty much sums up my reason for doing this blog. there is actually an over-abundance of music art and comics for just about every taste. But marketers are mostly pushing similar things and leaving the rest out.

like if you went to the produce section, and all they had was cabbage and celery. you might conclude there were no good vegetables!

but you would be wrong. you need to stop shopping at that store dumbass!

anyways, my point is i agree with you (and Phonte), and that's why i do this.

I'm glad it helps!

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