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I've been checking for Ashley A Woods (Millennia War, Dziva Jones) for a minute, lurking on her blog and peeping previews of her comics on IndyPlanet, and was very pleased to make her acquaintance this week through the magic of Facebook.  While taking a break from drawing last night (re: procrastinating), I went diving through interviews of the talented writer-artist on youTube.  Anybody chronicling the next wave of talent in comics would do well to take note of her. Ashley is not playing around with you suckas...

^Here's a clip of Ashley 'longside co-writer Michael Smith II, talking about her action-fantasy smash Millennia War from Megacon in Orlando. There's another good 2-part interview from the 08 ECBACC (to peep it, you have to go here, because he disabled the embed code... booo!), where she goes more into detail about the Millennia War's timeline, which Woods likens to a more modern Lord Of The Rings. I'm definitely gonna get my hands on that Millennia War collection Ashley alluded to, which should be out later this month.
until then, I will satisfy myself by copping her collabo with Aminah Armour on Dziva Jones!
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Message heard loud and clear. Lmao!

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