Um... I don't think that's "Steve" Cullen...

Herman Heed pg 19 by Samax
 Looks like Herman's rival Cullen Caine has found something... but that's not a Bigfoot, it's a Yeti...
and it doesn't look like it answers to "Steve"... before the script was completed, the writers sent me a summary of the story so I could do preliminary designs of the characters and settings and stuff. Well, the early version had Cullen find a Yeti instead of a bigfoot, which I thought was hilarious. So I designed a distinguished old-fashioned gentleman Yeti with reading glasses... only to get the script and meet Anne the Yeti. So poor mister gentleman Yeti retired to the world of unused ideas...
sad face. 
anyways, I posted this drawing on Twitter and a friend suggested I accentuate her "uppers" a little bit more, so I pumped 'em up on the final page artwork... When I was breaking down the script I had the winter Olympics on my mind, so I already knew what I wanted to do with her design-wise (Ugg boots, pigtails and knit caps all day, son). This character only appears on this one page, but i still thought it was worth it to get it right! anyways, hope y'all like it! if you missed the previous pages, peep them here.


Cal Slayton said...

So what's the deal with this book? I must have missed when you first posted about it. Who is it for? What's it about? Is it a series? One shot?

Loving the art BTW

Samax said...

Thanks, Cal!
It's for a company that makes educational programs to help kids improve academically. They contract me to draw comics for their programs.

This is my third book for them. Unfortunately though, they don't print them.

I'm REALLY happy with how my digital stuff has progressed since I've been working with them.

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