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every now and then, because of the nature of my blog, my magazine and the art I make, someone approaches me and questions the connection between comics and hip hop... some even going so far as suggesting the artforms and subcultures cross very rarely, if at all.  To my credit, I haven't laughed in anyone's face over this in a long time, as it's a form of ignorance that makes more sense as time goes by. After all, I am (like all real hip hoppers) a frequent consumer of underground media, where there is less pressure to be trendy and repetitive... where you might find a cat like Breez Evahflowin...
Breez is generally very free with comicbook metaphors and references, but he goes EXTRA batshit here, as he takes the stage to drop this ill acapella at the Bushwick Book Club. If this mess makes you screw your face up and shake your head as much as it did me, you can thank Brandon Graham (King City, Multiple Warheadz, Escalator, Pillow Fight), another cartoonist who wears his love for comics and hip hop on the same sleeve, for sliding me the link to this youTube heat...
anyways, to get more Breez in your life, click here.
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BONUS! Ruff Enuff by Akrobatik f/Afu-Ra and Breez Evahflowin'


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dope post and video, thanks!

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