Herman Heed has an AHA moment!

Herman Heed pg 11 by Samax Amen.
whaddup fam! another page of Herman Heed in the can... hmmmm... has all Herman's study paid off? Looks like he's onto something! This page was a lotta fun! No complex backgrounds full of Easter Egg content. Just drawing Herman pretending to be a sasquatch! Well yeah, I threw up Detective Boogaloo and Blokhedz posters in his room, because if I was Herman, that's what I'd want in my room... and logic always prevails!
anywho, hope y'all like it!


Arkonbey said...


Taken on its own, with no context, that is the most surreal series of panels I've ever seen.

You know, that might make an awesome poster. Just those four panels. Craziness!

Samax said...

my wife had the same reaction! she said it was like "some kind of surreal music video".

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