Bachalo's Wu-Tang 'Variant' Cover & Mef vs Chef 2 single artwork

Peep this Method Man variant cover for that upcoming Wu-Massacre collabo joint I mentioned to you before.  As you can Imagine, there will be one each for Method Man, Raekwon the Chef and GhostFace.
also, for the truly vigilant, peep the Mef vs Chef 2 single artwork below. both joints were done by veteran comics artist Chris Bachalo (X-men: Assault on Weapon Plus, The Witching Hour, Steampunk: Drama Obscura) with props to Alex Haldi for the art direction and graphic design. This highly-anticipated joint (and its dope artwork) with guest spots by the usual suspects and beats by the Rza and Mathematics drops March 30th, but you can preorder it on Amazon in all formats (including vinyl!)

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