'Scott Pilgrim VS The World' trailer

I just watched the trailer for the film adaptation of the ghettoManga Award-winning OGN series Scott Pilgrim over on CBR. Scott Pilgrim single-handedly justifies Canada's existence. this movie better rock, or the state of Michigan's gonna conquer Canada and hand it over to Sarah Palin.
and who KNOWS what that psycho would do with all the power of CANADA at her disposal!!!! so hopefully, it'll be good... the embed code wouldn't work, or I would'a posted the trailer here, but you can watch it on CBR, just click here. if you're curious to read more about Scott Pilgrim click here.
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B_Steelo said...

All I know is those graphics look pretty damn fresh

samax said...

got my fingers crossed...

B_Steelo said...

A lot of people are having interesting arguments that I didn't think of. Is this story set up for mass appeal? If not, I think this is one of those underground hits for 14 down.

samax said...

yeah, I don't care if it does big numbers, I just want to enjoy it.

as long as it's fun, that's fine. The comic is animated and silly at some times, intense (even dark) at others. I just want the movie to not be corny.

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