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well, it's my birthday today, so it's a good time to bump my all-time favorite hip hop song, So Whatcha Sayin by the venerated rap duo EPMD (with DJ Scratch for that zigga zigga). This was on their sophomore album Unfinished Business. This record came out in 1989, when deejays still defined the sound of hip hop music, and were as celebrated as the rappers they helped make famous. I love how Scratch's deejaying dominates the hook over the top of that bassline and chanting chorus... that never gets old!
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meowiefotografie said...

HAppy Happpy happpy birthday to ya!!!! hope you have a total blast today!!! Wooooott wootttttttT!

Brandon Graham said...

Happy b day!

I like at the end of the video when they all take off druid hoods.

Samax said...

thanks. I'll be drawing all day, whenever I'm not chasing my 18-month-old daughter around the house. good times!

Samax said...

@Brandon- yes. nut-clutching druids. b'leeDat! lol

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