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^Dynomite by Rhymefest, off his debut album Blue Collar. 

I remember when this record came out... it was the shot NOT heard 'round the world... I mean, I actually saw it at the record store (remember those?) before I even knew it was out. Despite the fact that dude had some nice buzz from his work on Kanye's first album,  Blue Collar was a very poorly promoted record (that 'bricked' in his own words), but good stuff from a good rapper. Rhymefest is a solid battle-tested rapper who makes that headbanging hip hop music in the vein of Redman or EPMD.  He is equally comfortable cussing you out or preaching to you... all over hype ass beats. good times...  for more of 'Fest, click here.
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Corance said...

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the industry, 'Fest might be branded as a one-hit-wonder, when he's really one of the most prolific MCs out there.

samax said...

you're right. but it's hip hop... some of the best hip hop artists are "one-hit wonders"

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