new sketchy sketch-----> the grrrraaand Whizzerrr...

Whizzer from Squadron Supreme by Samax Amen.

here's my drawing of the Whizzer from the Marvel alternaverse JLA knockoff classic Squadron Supreme (which I HIGHLY recommend, if you never read it). did this for the daily sketch challenge (been too busy to do it daily, but I wanna do better) with a ball point and a sharpie. the speed lines were done in photoshop.

happily, this one came really fast (about 15 minutes)... there's a pun in there somewhere, but I gotta go!
hope y'all enjoy it! For more sketches, go to my art blog, Ziontific.
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B_Steelo said...

Man now that's Fresh!
I dig that inking .

samax said...

thanks! i inked it with one of those watercolor brush pens...

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