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Untitled (Random Pages From An Upcoming Issue of King City) by Brandon Graham

Here's some leaked King City artwork I swiped from Brandon's Livejournal. He didn't say what issue the double page pic at the top is (or even if they are from the same issue), but I don't think you hafta be a genius to figure out that the second pic is the cover to King City #12. I love the cutaway of Joe's cat Earthling, and that he is pooping out a pill. Damn useful, that cat... for all the new readers, I am a HUGE fan of Brandon's work in general and King City in particular. go here to get more of my gushing about that. 
I'm enjoying the flat color on these. I'm assuming he colors these himself, but don't quote me on that. I'm particularly feeling how the color is working with the complex wiggly shapes of the Demon King's Chthuluistic astral death-monster in this cover to issue #6. I guess this issue will be coming out next month. Having already read this one's contents (it's the last issue reprinting the Tokyopop OGN), I can tell you that even if you've skipped prior issues, you'll wanna cop this one! Even though I've already read this story, I can't wait to buy this issue! 
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