Beauty and Brains...

because YOU think there's no dope female emcees in this rap isht, peep game of the lovely and talented Boog Brown, who blessed bandcampers with a free version of her album Grind Season Volume 1, which I am happy to share with you below.

<a href="">Dope Girl Intro by BoogBrown</a>
and don't let the smooth taste fool you, fellas, Boog will get with you on the mic if she catches you sleepin'... I gotta give props to my man Goldi who put me on. Sista got flows, buddy!
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B_Steelo said...

Is this Jean Grey dope?

Samax said...

press play, and judge for yourself... better yet, download that! I give it the GHETTOMANGA STAMP OF APPROVAL (tm)

B_Steelo said...

tee emm

Samax said...

yep. i locked it DOWN!

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