TRON: LEGACY trailer

got that Tron:Legacy trailer here for you thanks to my man Mark of
Watching this reminds me how alien and mystical the original was to me. Hope this one does the original justice


Mr. Hawthorne said...

I haven't even seen the first one...


samax said...

it's a cool movie. Not sure how it would play for a post-Y2K first viewing.

B_Steelo said...

Slow. My nephew said the original Transformers: The Movie was boring. I almost slapped him but he dug Iron Giant.

Arkonbey said...

Looks pretty cool, but Two thoughts:

1) As CGI gets all Avatar-y, how do you tell you're in a video game? Maybe they'll address that. Even so, the coolness of the first film was creating a CGI world and that had never been seen before, now, it's everywhere.

2) Um. Didn't Flynn escape from the VG world at the end of Tron?

samax said...

i think so, but i don't remember. need to watch it again ('s been a while!)

John Aston said...

Yes, Flynn returned to the real world after fighting the MCP.

I got the impression from the San Diego footage and the trailer, Flynn may be hiding out in the digital world considering as a "user" (or program creator) he sort of had god like powers.

And, can't wait to see Tron Legacy, but will probably avoid all media information other than the trailer until the film comes out... in December. Jeez. Okay. Okay. Did it for the Star Wars prequels and Trek. So no biggie.

Seven said...

Well my childhood recollection of Tron the movie was always kind of foggy. we couldn't afford movie channels when I was young so I only saw bits and pieces of it, but the arcade video game was my favorite.

I recently bought the original movie on DVD and watched it for the first time as an adult and I must say it is still pretty freakin DOPE! I've watched it like 3 times already. The new one looks to be 10x's as fresh as the original and I can't wait to see it.

samax said...

@John- I'm with you. I snatch the trailers and a pic to post, but that's it. I want to be surprised/wowed by it.

@seven- our cable/movie channels were off and on growing up. Moms taped everything, though. we had a wall of videotapes to choose from!

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