Dope Wallpaper...

Untitled (ghettoCore collabo) by Samax Amen and Matt Warlick
I posted an old sketch on Twitter this weekend, My MetroSketchual bredren and fellow Dallas indie cartoonist Matt Warlick asked if he could ink and color it. I'm always down to see what people do with my pencils (and Matt is a freaking BEAST), so I slid him a jpeg and he promptly returned this masterpiece! to download a copy from Matt's blog that'll fit your computer screen, click here.
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Arkonbey said...

That is brilliant.The smoke is at the same time natural and stylized.

And the sense of motion is fantastic.

samax said...


I go for what I call 'naturalism'... a kind of stylized reality that concentrates on the "feeling" of real life rather than trying to imitate what I see in a truly realistic way.

It sometimes causes people to say that something looks "real" when I know it doesn't, because they can FEEL something in the piece.

when I came upon this idea for my drawing, it really took the pressure off me and made it easier to be creative.

Art Love said...

Dude, I love this. Those colors are kerazee.

samax said...

warlick is a BEAST w/photoshop!

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