FINALLY! DC drops a HARDWARE trade paperback!

Looks like someone at DC is thinking again... they FINALLY dropped a 192-page collection HARDWARE: The Man in the Machine featuring everyone's favorite high-tech wonder with a right to be hostile. here's the sales pitch:

This first-ever HARDWARE collection introduces inventor/engineer Curt Metcalf, who begins his adventures by breaking free of his employer, businessman Edwin Alva, who refused to share the profits from Metcalf's many creations. Discovering that Alva is tied to organized crime, and learning that no law enforcement agency would touch him, Metcalf created the high tech Hardware armor that enabled him to work against Alva.
So you know I'M pleased to see this, even though it's 15 years late or something. I have no gauge for stores' reaction to the return of the Milestone heroes, but if your shop doesn't carry it, you can get this Hardware trade on Amazon, just click here. DC already has TPBs for Static and Icon that I know of, so I'm glad they finally dropped this one.

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