New Addition to the GhettoManga Lineup!

I am super excited to report that after much persuasion and cajoling, that dude Brock Rizy (Emily Edison, Catbear Traffic Control) has agreed to drop a full color episode of his super-offensive sci-fi-action-comedy-superhero-toon smash Pyrotechnic Porno Babies in GhettoManga Quarterly, as well as to be at my beck and call for illustrative slavery. Okay, I'm exaggerating there, but only because I'm excited...
If you've read his work on Emily Edison (which was written by Indie phenom David Hopkins), then you know he's mustard with the... whatever he draws with, but he's funny as hell writing too. 
After i got my hands on his Kramthology minicomic anthology at DWEX (that's Dallas Webcomics Expo to you), I knew I wanted to get the PPBz into an issue. I'd like to take this time to thank Brock for sharing his toys, and to invite all you people who are sleeping to get on the GhettoManga bandwagon. There's room for everyone!
feel free, welcome, and invited to peep more of Brock's dopeness at his website 


Arkonbey said...

Man, you picked the most perfectly awful shade of green for "PAF".


Hey, are you going to do a Bearfight?

verification word is "dealites": Howie Mandel's fans

samax said...

stay tuned...

as for the baby poot, you will find that Brock is a coloring savant! i love his work, and can't wait to print this story!

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