DOPE FREE MUSIC: Quality Beats and Rappin' from Clan Destined

Here's a little something from splendid ATL hip hop duo Clan Destined. AmDex (Yamin) and DT dropped this concept album/mixtape A Story Never Told on bandcamp for free listening/download (that fits any budget plair)
<a href="">Intro by Clan Destined</a>
here's the "sales pitch"
Equal parts mixtape, comedic farce, soundtrack, and concept album, A Story Never Told features new tracks as well as snippets from Clan Destined's next LP. In proper Hip-Hop fashion, it boldly plays out a fictional account involving painfully real situations. Clan D star as the promising independent artists that they have become, alongside DJ Beef, the local 'hood celebrity and CEO of Felon Frontz Records (played by the multi-talented DJ Rock Most). The project follows Clan D (DT and Yamin) as they attempt to market themselves to a new audience.

ASNT, a companion piece to the soon-to-come short film of the same name, is a testament of self-reliance in a world where people follow an endless path of trends with hopes to find success. The songs are cleverly tagged and blended for the listeners' ability to follow CD's story, as well as to keep their heads nodding. Felon Frontz Family, the fictional-yet-oh-so-familiar-sounding clique, even shines on tracks like "Big Face Money" and "Pockets Gone Ham". The end result is a vivid picture of the state of the music industry. More importantly, it is a true glimpse into the artists' ability to persevere.
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