One of my favorite rappers ever, TX native Bavu (pronounced 'bah voo') Blakes, recently moved out to Long Beach, CA but he'll be in Dallas next month to drop a limited edition ceedee with this artwork by me on the cover. It was an honor to work with someone whose work I admire so much, and to be paid well for it. Anyways, when I get more info about what's on the ceedee, I'll let you know... for now, let's celebrate the occasion with a bunch of youTube videos i found last night and embedded below

"Southern Man" by Bavu Blakes
this song inexplicably turns a Neil Young sample into a southern rap anthem that would make Bavu (and beatsmith Sae One) immortal if there was any justice in the hip hop industry. Bavu's brilliant lyricism and thinking man's perspective combine flawlessly with his southern 'broadcast drawl' to create indie rap euphoria...

We Three Kings by Symbolyc One & Illmind - [feat. Myth, Bavu & Chucky Sly]
Never heard this one before... isn't underground hip hop awesome? there's way more of it than I could possibly consume!

Who Knows by Bavu Blakes
another classic...  another collabo with S-1 (symbolic one of SFP) I think.

21 Rappers by Bavu Blakes...
I wish I knew who that second dude was (he KILLED his verse), but I don't. This song is on the Woodgrain Collection mixtape Bavu did w/ frequent deejay accomplice Rapid Ric.

Too Selfish by Bavu Blakes & deejay Rapid Ric
I have heard more than one version of this song, which was the title track to an album that was supposed to come out awhile ago. I probably missed it (hmph!) I liked the live version that was on one of the (many) mixtapes I have from Bavu...

Slow Burn by Hydroponic Sound System f/Bavu Blakes, Headkrack, and Steve Austin.
this was on Mixtape Mentality. If you live in the Dallas area and don't have at least one Hydro mixtape, you are officially snoozing. your hip hop card is on probationary status until you correct this oversight. thank you.

Black Gold by Bavu Blakes
this Live performance is of Black Gold with the remix beat done by S-1 of strange fruit. easily my favorite song by Bavu, and one of my fave songs of all time. I already liked Bavu the first time I heard this, but his flow over this track showed just how dope he could be. This cut was originally on his mySpace page, but not available on ceedee, and very hard to come by. when i finally got it, it felt like I struck black gold for real!
anyways, if you got this far, you MUST be feeling the talented Mr. Blakes! for more of my gushing and additional bavuTube classics, click here. make sure you check out his blog here for more of him doing what he do.
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Arkonbey said...

how's that feel, man, having your work on a cd cover of one of your favorite artists?


The work is nice too. Good limited palette. Would like to see it the the typography.

samax said...

It's a great feeling. In particular, Bavu knows I am a big fan, but he didn't try to hustle me for free work. We have been talking back and forth for a while about doing something, and then he just dropped a deposit on me.

He has a lot of respect for the process of creating, and never pressured me to go faster or compromise what I was trying to do.

When I saw that he was using it as the background on his Twitter page, I was already ecstatic, but now that I know about the ceedee, I'm extra crunk!

I will post the final art with typography and all that when I get it. I just couldn't wait to blab about it once i found out!

as for the color, I played around with the color once it was done, and this is the one he liked the best. my personal favorite was mostly purple and pink (i didn't expect him to use it, but i still like it best)


B_Steelo said...

jeeuh! That's good to hear man. You're gettin' worldwide.

samax said...

let's hope so!

Art Love said...

Okay, Reunion Tower as a mic. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh.

Proud of you, brother. Gracing the album art on one of your favorite rappers is probably one of the dreams that brought you into this illustration racket in the first place.

Good job.

BAVU said...

perhaps we'll make a "real cover" out of it, and a poster. this is just a warning shot, kapow!

samax said...


I'm looking forward to holding that joint! can't wait!

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