Herman's got some COMPETITION!

Herman Heed pg 6 by Samax Amen
Hey there! hope you like page six of Herman Heed. Here we finally get our first look at Cullen Caine, Herman's rival. looks like Herman will have some not-so-friendly competition in finding Steve the Bigfoot.
Who will find Steve first?
Whe shall SEE... (for more Herman Heed, click here)
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Arkonbey said...

oh, nice double-take in the second panel. You are really nailing the moment-to-moment transitions.

verification word = "tushi".

That's all I'm saying.

samax said...


The script (by Abram Valdez and Brandon May) does a great job of letting me know how the characters are reacting... All I have to do is interpret it. This is my third story working with these guys, and they have developed a real understanding of the mechanics of comics, and I'm just adding depth to it.

good times...

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