#MetroSketchual Week One: GhostBusters!

Here's my first piece for MetroSketchual, an artblog for Dallas-Fort Worth area comics guys. The DeeEffDub is full of comics pros and wannabes, so I was honored when that dude Matt Warlick personally invited me to participate (peep more Metrosketchual here).

Today I finally got this done... I copied the background and bartender from a comic I did last year (The World As You Know It: Permanent Residents) about a hotel that's haunted by lots of ghosts... so this piece could actually be in continuity! sorta... anyways, I knew I wanted to draw Ernie's character shouting that line from the movie, because I think it's hilarious... I spent the last week thinking of funny situations for him to say it (at church, on the bus, at an elementary school career day, etc) but this one was within my immediate reach, and it was getting late...
hope y'all like it!
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Corance said...

That line is hilarious!

samax said...

yeah... i really wanted to have him at a career day in an elementary school, but I didn't have time... maybe I'll do that later!

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