New Comic PREVIEW: Dziva Jones

the work of a bodyguard is never done. at least when that bodyguard is the around-the-way-girl with the hattori hanzo sword... These are the adventures of Dziva Jones, and as we see in Dziva Jones #1, even her off duty hours are mad hectic! The first chapter, which is available on IndyPlanet, is written by Aminah Armour and has art by the amazing Ashley A. Woods (Millenia War). The cover is by Stanley Weaver Jr (Street Team), and it also features a pin-up by that dude Charlie 'Fab' Goubile (Blackbird). but anyways, peep the sales pitch and some preview pages below...

Dziva Jones Pinup by Charlie Fab 
"Being a bodyguard is not glamorous... it's a tough job that can get dirty, (even bloody). The clients can be narcissistic and it leaves no room for a love life, but Dziva loves it. 
After a long night with her employer, the only thing Dziva wants is deep sleep. Dziva finds out that that will not be happening anytime soon, warned that the boogieman is around the corner and a little girl’s life is uncertain. Will Dziva be able to save her in time and will old wounds open for a Detective who lost his sister to the same fate..."
oh HELL naw! They snatchin' up kids now?!? Don't worry shorty! Dziva gotcha back! yeah, you need to cop that... order it here.


Corance said...

I'm intrigued. That 3 page sample showed nice pacing. I'll check it out.

samax said...

yep. me too... I'm especially excited to read a book written and drawn by two black women... about like seeing a smurf born or something!

Stacey Avian Robinson said...

This is a blazing team, funny I as talking to Ashley last evening, telling her how they probably made history with this project,'s a rarity for comic femmes to publish comics, even more rare for Black females, but what we've experienced id the teaming up of Two extreme rarities...We through history will record this well.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Samax for the review and the support. Dziva has come a long way from a creative short story to a comic book. This will be a 4 book mini series starting with Dziva Jones #1 and I am hoping to have Dziva Jones #2 out by the end of the summer. I will be doing a novel about her also.


samax said...

@ Stacey- yeah. I'm always looking for projects like this, but rarely find them. I want to make sure people know about it!

@Aminah - no problem! If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know! I'm really looking forward to reading this book and subsequent ones to follow.

bigkuntree said...

gotta get paid off a couple jobs....then I'ma order this righ'chea!!!

samax said...

word. looks dope!

dils santos said...

hi,brother nice this comic strip

Unknown said...
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