Rihanna Takes it from a Robot

I only know 3 things about Rihanna.
  1. She uses autotune a lot.
  2. She got beat up on by Chris Brown
  3. She likes getting pissed on by robots (I'm sorry, what?!?)

so,apparently the R&B songstress got her hentai on at Germany’s ECHO Awards held in Berlin this week. I would probably have more to say about this if I was a fan of her music. As it is, the thing I think of most whenever my wife mentions Rihanna (usually to complain that she uses autotune too much) is her getting chin-checked by that Michael Jackson impersonator Chris Brown. Perhaps now Rihanna can stop symbolizing domestic violence and start standing for the cross over appeal of Japanese porn comics and animation. keep hope alive, right? I wonder how long it will take before this scene gets recycled by animators into actual hentai. Maybe they've done it already. After all, robots wizzing on folks already entered the zeitgeist with Micheal Bay's first Transformers movie, right?



Arkonbey said...

I can't fault her for #2, but #1 and #3?


Now I have to go watch Bjork's All is Full of Love to see better robots.

And, because it had to be done: "Hey. It's The Robots Formerly Known as Prince"

Samax said...

get your Bjork on, fam...

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