New AmErykah, phase two is GO!

Erykah hiding behind her own likeness (as imagined by EMEK) at her album release party.

So the fine folks at Frolab captured a gang of dope photos at the release party of Erykah Badu's new joint New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh.

The release comes in the wake of her controversial impromptu one-take video for New Ameryka 2's lead single, the ?uesto-produced Window Seat last weekendHopefully all that rumbling led to some records being purchased. anyways, to read a nice summary of the release party, click here. as for the new record, you can buy it here if you are so inclined.
special thanks to Jenny, who put me on to this via Twitter while i was napping!
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BONUS! "Jump Up In the Air and Stay There" video


Arkonbey said...

First, that image is astounding. I'd love to see it full-size.

Secondly, I find I really like the Sleeveface thing going on. It's really meta that it's not only her likeness, but it was created by her as well.

Samax said...

yep! did you catch the Deepspace 5 video where they get their sleeveface on?

(i freely admit i didn't know there was a term for this already!)

Arkonbey said...

I actually didn't know about sleeveface until I tried to find a link for that comment.

Samax said...

Thanks for sharing what you learned!

Come Bien Books said...

The best LP cover Ive seen in recent decades, only Main Source comes close!

Samax said...

yeah, EMEK is a BEAST

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