the authorities should definitely be contacted anytime a cartoonist is beating up the game like your man Mike Hawthorne (Un-Men, Hysteria, Queen and Country) is right now. He's pretty tight-lipped about the details of his new solo Vertigo project, but has revealed that it follows a family's history much like One Hundred Years of Solitude or The Brief and the Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao. The story's scale will be big, but intimately told through this family - specifically it's flawed Matriarch and her equally as flawed son...
Having spent the last few years establishing himself in the industry illustrating tales written by others, this project marks Mike's triumphant return to one-man storytelling. "I hire myself out as an illustrator because it allows me to do what I love while providing for my family." Mike revealed on his blog "But it's not my end goal. Although I respect what he's accomplished as an artist and businessman, I have no aspirations of being the next Jim Lee. I always wanted to be the next Will Eisner." From the commentary he's been writing on his blog chronicling the creation of this mystery project, it's clear that Mike has set his creative goals very high for this joint. From what I've read and seen, and what I know of his work already, I'd say we are witnessing the creation of a magnum opus worthy piece of storytelling. I for one, am excited to watch it unfold.


Shane White said...

What's awesome is that woman with the black hair in the second page looks like Ramon Perez! ha.

But the artwork is still fantastic.


Samax said...

Ramon really gets around...

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