Obama Pals around with... Spawn?

One of the reasons I love Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead, The Destroyer) is his sense of humor. He's released a series of teaser ads for this summer's Guardians of the Globe miniseries parodying the I Am An Avenger joints that Marvel's been dropping (for the record, Obama is NOT gonna be on the team).

These two are my favorites, but they're all pretty funny. Anyways, Kirkman did reveal in an interview with CBR that he is expanding the team to make it more international, and that characters we recognize like Brit and Bulletproof would be on the team, along with some newbies. I was glad to hear that Bulletproof would get developed some more, since his appearances so far have been pretty generic.
The series is being drawn by a cat named Ransom Getty (Skrull Kill Krew), who I never heard of before today, but if the art on his blog is any indication, he's mustard. He's also the one cranking out these teasers, too... anyways, to get the full scoop, go here and read the Kirkman interview.  It's good stuff!
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Arkonbey said...

That can't be the real Obama. The real Obama is never that rumpled.

Who am I kidding, it's some fantastically rendered drapery.

samax said...

Spawn has been a bad influence on him

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